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About us

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The INTERMECO string quartet had a significant number of concert, festival and club performances. Their performances at festivals such as Kalemegdanski Sutoni and BELEF in Belgrade, and at the internationally significant EXIT Festival in Novi Sad attracted a great deal of attention with the audience.

In addition, the quartet has performed in numerous clubs, concert halls and art galleries such as the KNU, BITEF, the Sava Center, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the National Museum’s Atrium, Taš club ...

The INTERMECO quartet often collaborates with other musicians. An especially successful cooperation was achieved with the renowned Belgrade band Van Gogh, a famous singer and singer-songwriter Ana Stanić, Teodora Tapavički...

These four young ladies (Milena Rajković, Svetlana Mandić, Milena Martinov Stojković i Milica Jakšić) wanted to play only the music they grew up with and by playing it on their instruments they made this music closer to a wider audience (7-77).

The quartet is based in Belgrade.